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Insurance Defense For Construction Defect Claims And More

Orland Law Group skillfully represents the insureds of national insurance companies in the fields of construction and general liability. For more than 15 years, the firm has provided the caliber of advocacy insurance companies require in the face of:

Early evaluation and penetrating analysis are elements of successful advocacy for insurers facing potentially great losses. Every case begins with a comprehensive analysis without delay. Based on this analysis, generally completed within the first 30 days, we can make recommendations with confidence on the most promising course of action.

Experience has shown that in a great many insurance defense matters, a prompt resolution is the most cost-effective solution. Paying damages quickly is often the ticket to preventing a lawsuit from exposing the insurer to extraordinary losses.

When A Case Goes To Trial

Most insurers seek to avoid going before a judge and jury, and with good reason. Litigation takes on a life of its own and costs can mount exponentially. However, a trial sometimes becomes necessary when reasonable negotiations fail to bring about a resolution. Despite the challenges that a trial can bring, Orland Law Group has successfully contained many court cases to brief time frames and has delivered many jury verdicts favorable to clients.

In every case handled by Orland Law Group, meticulous, strategic preparation is the key to a favorable outcome. Lawyer James J. Orland and other attorneys of the firm often give seminars in case preparation, focusing on aspects such as:

  • Jury selection
  • Depositions
  • Cross-examinations
  • Closing arguments
  • Technology for the courtroom
  • Sensitivity to generational preferences among jurors

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