Safeguarding Your World

Prevention And Early Response In Business And Commercial Law Matters

Orland Law Group represents businesses of all sizes and individuals in various roles and professions. Clients rely on our attorneys and law firm for a strong defense in general civil litigation as well as for legal matters involving:

  • Commercial law matters
  • Contract disputes
  • Trademark disputes
  • Products liability
  • Comprehensive general liability
  • Auto and trucking-related lawsuits
  • Restaurant-related issues
  • Homeowner construction
  • Homeowner construction defect claims
  • Professional liability claims
  • Employment law issues
  • Government agency disputes
  • Civil rights
  • Accounting malpractice

Orland Law Group has made a name for itself through proactive strategies designed to help business and commercial entities avoid damage claims. Disputes sometimes become inevitable. The sooner we come on board in preventing or responding to business disputes, the more options there are for favorable outcomes.

Risk Management Is The Key To Sound Business Law Practices

A large component of the law practice is risk management for businesses and commercial enterprises of many varieties. These commercial entities and their insurers turn to Orland Law Group proactively as well as when they face threatening breach of contract claims, construction defect claims and lawsuits from business partners. The firm advises clients on how to protect themselves personally as well as how to protect their businesses when liability looms large.

Other Services Our Business Clients

Our attorneys at Orland Law Group draft and rework contractors’ contractual agreements. The best time to prevent breach of contract claims and partnership disputes is at the time a contract is created and formalized. When conflicts arise, our lead attorney James J. Orland and other associates work closely with clients to discover the most cost-effective pathways to resolution.

Attention: Business And Commercial Entity Owners And Managers

Reach the firm by phone at 310-492-5705 in Southern California or at 435-292-6560 in Salt Lake City, Utah or online for a prompt response. Schedule a consultation with a business litigation attorney. Come to one of our offices or arrange to meet at another mutually accessible location.