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Vigorous Defense In Construction Defect Claims And Lawsuits

Construction defect litigation defense has long been a prominent practice area at Orland Law Group in Manhattan Beach. The firm provides comprehensive legal services to general contractors, subcontractors, product manufacturers, design professionals and their insurers in the construction industry. Our services range from representation in complex construction defect litigation to building contract disputes.

Orland Law Group Stays Up-To-Date On Construction Defect Laws And Litigation Rules

Construction defect laws change often. For builders, developers and their insurers facing damage claims, it is important to work with a law firm that stays up-to-date on the most recent legislative developments as well as court case decisions.

A key example of an issue that requires scrutiny in a given case is the Right to Repair Act. This act sets out requirements for dissatisfied consumers. In a nutshell, the act states that homeowners must first submit a claim to a builder before filing a lawsuit. If the builder does not offer to fix the defect, then the homeowner can proceed with the lawsuit. The act includes strict timelines for submitting claims, waiting for responses and filing lawsuits.

Good Reasons To Choose This Southern California Defense Firm

A trial lawyer at Orland Law Group representing your development group in a constructive defect case will investigate all facts thoroughly in the prelitigation phase. Did a complainant comply with the Right to Repair Act? Did the homeowner meet the deadlines and document complaints properly? Has the homeowner lost the right to file a lawsuit?

And what if a plaintiff’s complaint has followed the necessary process? An attorney at Orland Law Group will offer recommendations on how to move forward toward the least damaging resolution. You may decide to:

  • Make an offer to do repairs
  • Pay damages
  • Propose another course of action.

Explore All Options For Defense In The Face Of Construction Defect Claims

Early analysis is best, whether a construction defect claim or lawsuit is on the way or already in view. Complete the online intake form, or call 310-492-5705 to schedule a consultation.